Battle of Ramsour’s Mill

The unsuccessful attempt made by General Lincoln to take Savannah, and the subsequent capture of the army under his command at Charleston, induced Sir Henry Clinton to regard the States of South Carolina and Georgia as subdued and restored to the British Crown. The South was then left, for a time, without any regular force …

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Route of the British Army through Lincoln County, North Carolina

After the battle of the Cowpens, on the 17th of January, 1781, Lord Cornwallis left his headquarters at Winnsboro, S.C., being reinforced by General Leslie, and marched rapidly to overtake General Morgan, encumbered with more than five hundred prisoners, and necessary baggage, on his way to a place of safety in Virginia. His Lordship was …

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Incidents of the Battle

Early on the morning of the 20th of June, 1780, when the Tories were forming their forces in martial array near the residence of Christian Reinhardt, situated on the south-western brow of the battle-ground, he conducted his wife, with two little children in his arms, and several small negroes, across the creek to a dense …

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Lincoln County, North Carolina Genealogy and History

Lincoln county was formed in 1768, from Mecklenburg county, and named Tryon, in honor of William Tryon, at that time the Royal Governor, but his oppressive administration, terminating with cold-blooded murders at the battle of Alamance in 1771, caused the General Assembly in 1779 to blot out his odious name and divide the territory into …

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Leather Memorandum Pocket Book

Among the curious revolutionary mementos that Capt. A. E. Forney, son of Major Abram Forney, has in his possession is a small “leather memorandum pocket-book”, filled originally with twenty-four blank leaves; also a “powder horn”, made by his father preparatory to an expedition to the mountains. The front, or opening sides, is handsomely ornamented with …

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Lincoln County, North Carolina Biographies

Biographical Sketches of Western North Carolina Illustrating Principally the Revolutionary Period of Mecklenburg, Rowan, Lincoln and Adjoining Counties of Burke, Cabarrus, Cleaveland, Gaston, Iredell, and Wilkes. The biographies have been extracted from this manuscript and presented here as part of our larger biographies collection. As with most historical manuscripts, these biographies should provide a glimpse …

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