Captain James Houston’s Muster Roll

Many of these have descendants in Iredell at the present time, and they can refer with veneration to the names of their patriotic ancestors.

Captain James Houston died on the 2d of August, 1819, in the 73d year of his age, and is buried in Center Church, graveyard.

  • Captain, James Houston
  • Lieutenant, William Davidson
  • David Evins
  • David Byers
  • Robert Byers, Nat.
  • Ewing, Alexander Work
  • William Creswell
  • William Erwin
  • John Hovis
  • John Thompson
  • John Beard
  • John Poston
  • Robert Poston
  • Paul Cunningham
  • John M. Connell
  • Moses White
  • Angus McCauley
  • Robert Brevard
  • Adam Torrence, Sr.
  • Adam Torrence, Jr.
  • Charles Quigley
  • James Gulick
  • Benjamin Brevard
  • Thomas Templeton
  • John Caldwell
  • Joseph McCawn
  • James Young
  • James Gray
  • Philip Logan (Irish)
  • William Vint
  • Daniel Bryson
  • John Singleton

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