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Category: Western North Carolina

Arthur Dobbs Appointed Governor

In 1754, Arthur Dobbs was appointed Governor by the crown. His administration of ten years presented a continued contest between himself and the Legislature on matters frivolous and unimportant. His high-toned temper for royal...

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The Catawba Indians

The Catawba Indians, contiguous to our southern borders, and once so numerous and powerful, have dwindled down to a diminutive remnant–mostly half breeds. They inhabited in their palmiest days much of the territory south...

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Charter of Albemarle

In 1665, it being discovered that the “County of Albemarle,” as the settlement on the Chowan was called, was not in the limits of the Carolina charter, but in Virginia, King Charles, on petition, granted an...

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The Cherokee Indians

“We, the rightful lords of yore, are the rightful lords no more; like the silver mist, we fail, like the red leaves in the gale–fail, like shadows, when the dawning waves the bright flag of the morning.” In...

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Chronological Table of North Carolina

Chronological Table of North Carolina 1492 October 12, Columbus discovered America. 1584 July 4, Amadas and Barlow approach the coast of North Carolina. 1663 Charter of Charles II, William Drummond, first Governor of North...

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The Stamp Act of 1765

On the 22nd of March, 1765, the Stamp Act was passed. This act produced great excitement throughout the whole country, and no where was it more violently denounced than in North Carolina. The Legislature was then in session, and...

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